Peel Ferry Schedule

Peel Ferry Schedule


The last public ferryboat operating in the state, Peel Ferry transports vehicles and passengers across a section of Bull Shoals Lake. Operates daily during daylight hours. Departure times listed at the landing.

Ferry Leave Arkansas                                                         Ferry Leaves Missouri

6:40am                                                                                                7:00am

7:20am                                                                                                7:40am

8:00am                                                                                                8:20am

8:40am                                                                                                9:00am

9:20am                                                                                                9:40am

10:00am                                                                                             10:20am

10:40am                                                                                              11:00am

11:20am                                                                                              11:40am

12:00-noon                                                                                         12:20pm

12:40pm                                                                                              1:00pm

1:20pm                                                                                                1:40pm

2:00pm                                                                                                2:20pm

2:40pm                                                                                                3:00pm

3:20pm                                                                                                3:40pm

4:00pm                                                                                                4:20pm

4:40pm                                                                                                5:00pm

5:20pm                                                                                                5:40pm

6:00pm                                                                                                6:20pm

6:40pm                                                                                                7:00pm

7:20pm                                                                                                7:40pm           

8:00pm                                                                                                8:20pm